Law and religion round-up – 9th June

It was our equivalent of “a quiet week in Lake Woebegon”…


On Thursday, the Law Commission for England & Wales and the Scottish Law Commission published a joint Consultation Paper on surrogacy: Building families through surrogacy: a new law. The two Commissions

“think that there is a strong case for reform to the law. We believe that the current law is out of date, unclear and not fit for purpose. We think that the law needs to be updated to make it workable and to bring it up to date, and ensure that it protects the welfare of all the participants to the arrangement including, most importantly, the welfare of the child.”

The consultation closes on 27 September.

Northern Ireland: independent review of hate crime legislation

HHJ Desmond Marrinan has been appointed by the NI Department of Justice to lead an independent review of Northern Ireland’s hate crime laws. Continue reading