Petition in the Court of Session to prevent Prorogation: latest

Yesterday, we reported that  a cross-party group of MPs led by Joanna Cherry QC MP had petitioned the Court of Session for declarator that the Prime Minister cannot close down Parliament in the run-up to 31 October 2019 in order to force through a No-Deal Brexit.

The BBC reports that Lord Doherty agreed this morning to hear arguments from both sides in September; however, he refused to accelerate the case through the Scottish courts, with the petitioners voicing fears that they may run out of time before the UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October.

According to the BBC:

“A No 10 source said they expected the challenge to come in the second week of September, when MPs are due to debate a report on Northern Ireland. The source assumes the EU will wait until after that date before engaging in further negotiations.”

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