Religion in schools in Wales

In a guest post, Russell Sandberg looks at the latest Welsh Government proposals on religious education in schools.

The Welsh Government has just published a consultation document on Access to the Full Curriculum in Welsh schools. One of its proposals is to change the name and content of ‘Religious Education’ to ‘Religions and Worldviews’, placing it as a compulsory part of the Humanities area in the new curriculum. They also propose removing the parental right to opt out of such religious education:

This is a welcome modernisation – the current law reflects a bygone age and reform of religious education (and indeed worship) in schools is long overdue as I argued in my book, Law and Religion.

It is great to see Wales leading the way on this. In the same way as Wales led by giving the right to sixth-formers to opt out of religious worship in schools, it is to be hoped that these changes will also lead to reforms in England.

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