Blood products and Jehovah’s Witnesses: An NHS Trust v C NHS Trust & Ors

In An NHS Trust v C NHS Trust & Ors [2019] EWHC 3033 (Fam), CX, now fourteen, had been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer when he was three. He was treated successfully, but in 2019 his cancer returned [1]-[2]. As a result of the chemotherapy that he was to receive, it was likely that his blood counts would drop significantly and that he would need transfusions of blood products [5]. Both CX and his mother were Jehovah’s Witnesses: each was willing to consent to the proposed chemotherapy, stem cell harvesting and the return of the stem cells following chemotherapy, but would not consent to the administration of blood and/or blood products – which the doctors believed to be a necessary and integral part of CX’s recovery [6]. Continue reading