Education, street protests and injunctions: Afsar

Birmingham City Council v Afsar & Ors [2019] EWHC 3217 (QB) was a claim by the Council for injunctions to restrict street protests about Anderton Park Infant and Junior School and to prohibit online abuse of teachers at that school. The majority of the children at the school were of British Pakistani heritage, though there was also a group of Romanian children. The claim arose from objections raised to the school’s teaching, “or what has been said to be its teaching”, of LGBT issues:

“In broad terms, the question for decision is what if any restrictions should be placed on what can be done and said by parents and others who wish to criticise the School’s behaviour in relation to the teaching of LGBT issues” [1].

From about mid-March 2019, there had been frequent protests over the issue and abusive messages had been posted on social media and online [2]. Continue reading