Boxing Day Quiz 2019 – The Answers

Pray you dutifully prime…

As in previous years, on 26 December 2019 we posted the annual Boxing Day Quiz mainly compiled from events in law and religion during the year, many of which have featured in our posts, and some of which were as simple as A.B.C. Here are the Answers.

1. In December 2018, how did the retelling of a story about a pear grower fall foul of the law of the Roman Catholic Church?

The depiction of Hercules Poirot in the BBC’s new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s A.B.C. Murders by Sarah Phelps (with John Malkovich as Poirot) portrayed him as a bearded priest in Belgium, prior to escaping to the UK. Catholic priests in 1914 Belgium were not allowed beards.

2. Canonically, how might 2019 be represented and what it its significance?

2019 is the smallest number that can be written in 6 ways as the sum of the squares of 3 primes: 7² + 11² + 43² = 2019; 7² + 17² + 41² = 2019; 13² + 13² + 41² = 2019; 11² + 23² + 37² = 2019; 17² + 19² + 37² = 2019; 23² + 23² + 31² = 2019;

It is also the sum of all unique perfect powers up to 3⁵ = 243: 1² + 2² + 2³ + 2⁴ + 2⁵ + 2⁶ + 2⁷ + 3² + 3³ + 3⁴ + 3⁵ + 5² + 5³ + 6² + 6³ + 7² + 10² + 11² + 12² + 13² + 14² + 15² = 2019

See: Canonical representation of a positive integer.

3. When was it necessary for a Church of Ireland priests to “tuck in his tuppenny”?

The Rt Revd and Rt Hon Frederick Hervey, Earl of Bristol (1730-1803), when Bishop of Cloyne “was particularly fond of leapfrogging and would routinely arrange his Chaplains on the lawn of his palace in such a way as to create a course round which he could jump”. [The Revd Fergus Butler-Gallie, FIeld Guide to English Clergy, One World 2018].

4. “It is easier for a dinosaur to spend four months in a cathedral nave than for a painted dog to be displayed in a closed churchyard for ten days?” Discuss

Compare the news item Cathedral to host ‘Dippy the Dinosaur’ which states that Norwich Cathedral is to host the Natural History Museum’s iconic dinosaur cast, and the judgments Re St. Mary Ashford [2018] ECC Can 3, in which, as the result of problems of their own making, the petitioners were granted permission for the statue of a painted dog to be installed in the churchyard for only 10 days.

5. What links: [i] the church of St Nicholas, Thames Ditto; [ii] the Dukes of Bedford;[iii] and the first aircraft to land on the South Pole?

The phrase “Che sarà sarà” [IT] or “Que Será, Será” [ES].

[i] The church of St Nicholas, Thames Ditto, has  a brass commemorating the deaths of Erasmus and Julyan Forde, which is one of the earliest depictions of the phrase “Que Será, Será” in the form of an armorial motto;

[ii] “Que Será, Será” was the name given to a US Navy C-47 Skytrain which, on October 31, 1956, was the first aircraft to land on the South Pole (Operation Deep Freeze II);

[iii] the “Italian” form [“Che sarà sarà”] was first adopted as a family motto by either John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford, or his son, Francis Russell, 2nd Earl of Bedford; possibly adopted by the elder Russell after his experience at the Battle of Pavia (1525), and engraved on his tomb.

6. Where might one find stained glass depicting: I] Thomas the Tank Engine, ii] Three wise women, queueing for a Routemaster Bus iii] an early Victorian flushing lavatory?

i] St Edmund’s, Emneth, where the Revd Awdry served, and St Mary, Magdalene, Rodborough, Gloucestershire, when he retired; ii] Christ Church, Southwark, London SE1; Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.

7. In 2019, what celebrated 150 years of not upsetting or offending anyone?

The Peoples Friend magazine, which was launched in Dundee on 13 January 1869, intended for “fireside reading”. Half the magazine was devoted to fiction, “with preference given to Scotch stories”; The rest dealt with practical matters such as domestic household advice. According to editor-in-chief Angela Gilchrist, the longest-running women’s magazine in the world is still sticking to those founding values: “there should be nothing to upset or offend.”

8. In which consistory court case that we reported in January 2019 does life imitate art?

In Re All Saints West Bromwich [2019] ECC Lic 1 which is similar to the Music Hall Song They’re moving Father’s grave to build a sewer, a favourite of the Clancy Brothers, 

9. Which cleric/wizard, who is attributed to regularly beating the Devil in bets and games, ceased to exist in February 2019?

Jack of Kent, the blog of lawyer David Allen Green, which was replaced by a new blog on 17 March 2019.

10. Only connect Narnia with St. Dwynwen?

Saint Valentine was born in Terni, close to Narni, which was the inspiration to C S Lewis for the name Narnia; Saint Dwynwen, Wales’ very own patron saint of lovers.

11. On which day of the year might choristers leave their fisherman’s friends (or equivalent) at home?

On 3rd February, the feast day of St Blaise of Sebaste; it is traditional to “bless the throats”; in the Church of England, this is the feast day of   Anskar, Archbishop of Hamburg, Missionary in Denmark and Sweden.

12. Which is the largest diocese in the Church of England?

Wikipedia produces Crockfords 2017 statistics in useful table  … showing Oxford has most parishes and churches by a country mile, but York and Lincoln are equal in having the largest area. More interesting though are people per clergy and other details.

With thanks to Peter Collier for the information.

13. Which is the largest cathedral in the CoE, and why?

  • York Minster is the largest Gothic cathedral and has the largest area of medieval glass in its East window.
  • Liverpool Cathedral, Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool, is the largest by volume and in terms of external length, is the longest cathedral in the world.
  • Canterbury Cathedral has the largest Chapter House, and the largest area.
  • Winchester Cathedral has the longest nave.

14. Which Angel links a sometimes waterlogged cathedral crypt with Blackwell’s’ Art and Poster shop on the Broad in Oxford?

The Angel of the North, since this and the two “iron man” statutes in Winchester and Oxford are the work of Antony Gormley.

15. Why have the following been banned: Griezmann Mbappé; cyanide; preacher; Fañch?

See: Law and religion round-up – 24th March 2019, Law and religion round-up – 22nd October 2017, and Law and religion round-up – 17th April 2016

16. On which occasion at which there was a “ping” without a consequent “pong” was a virgin acknowledged as assisting same sex couples?

Tim Loughton (East Worthing and Shoreham) (Con) said [at 667] “I have worked with the Government and the noble Baroness Hodgson of Abinger, to whom I pay great tribute. She guided the Bill through the Lords as a private Member’s Bill virgin, as she described herself, but did so skilfully and with great deftness, steering it on an even course so that it is back here with us today.” HC Hansard, 15 March 2019 Volume 656 Col 666. Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.) Bill 

17. Name that case from the following headlines:

Q: Feuding couple at centre of 28-year battle over baby’s ashes”, MetroA: Re Landican Cemetery [2019] ECC Chr 2.

Q: You don’t get ‘brownie points’ for going to church if you want to reserve a grave, CofE court rules, Church Times. A: St Wilfrid Standish [2018] ECC Bla 2

Q: Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall, 62, is forced to back down after losing long-running dispute with relatives in Liverpool over a family gravestoneDaily Mail.

Q: Former model wins right to be buried with businessman lover after legal battle with his family, Mirror. A: Re St Augustine Droitwich Spa[2016] ECC Wor 2.  

Q: Church refuses to let grieving parents put Thomas the Tank Engine on son’s headstone, Premier. A: Re St Bartholomew Wick [2016] ECC Bri 3

Q: Family fight to save football fanatic’s headstone after complaints over use of Sunderland coloursSunday PostA: Re The Churchyard of Quarrington Hill [2016] ECC Dur 1.  

And as a bonus, in which consistory court judgment are there 11 references to a cup of tea?

Re St Oswald Filey [2019) ECC Yor 8

 18. Why are the deaths of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes both stated as occurring on April 23rd 161, but were on different days?

The deaths of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes are both marked on April 23rd. They both took place on April 23, 1616, but actually took place 10 days apart. Spain was already following the Gregorian calendar in 1616. England didn’t adopt it until 1750 When Shakespeare died, it was May 3rd in Spain. When Cervantes was buried, it was April 13th in England.

Corollary: What event took place in Britain on September 3rd, 1752?

“That date never existed.” In 1752, UK went straight from Wednesday Sept 2nd to Thursday Sept 14th as we caught up by adopting the Gregorian calendar 3rd-13th of September 1752 never existed.

With acknowledgement to Kaya Burgess of the Times.

19. Why and when in 2019 was the patron saint of England patron saint upstaged by an Italian one?

In 2019, the Roman Catholic Church celebrated St George’s Day on Tuesday, April 30th, the Feast having been transferred from 23rd April as this was in the week after Easter. However, St Catherine of Sienna was celebrated on 29th. As the Liturgy Office indicated in its notes on Liturgical Calendars, the Feast of St Catherine is Regional and celebrated throughout Europe, whereas that of St George is of National importance. Amid the on-going Brexit debate, this is an instance in which one of the patron saints of Europe (and Italy) takes precedence of that of the English saint.

20. Where might one see music written on a man’s naked buttocks?

On The Garden of Earthly Delights, the surreal triptych by Hieronymus Bosch in the Museo del Prado, Madrid. See (and hear) here.

21. Where might one find the fourteenth Report of the Clergy Discipline Commission? [Clue: A Google Search may not assist]

The Annual Report of the Clergy Discipline, covering the period up to 31 December 2017 incorrectly indicated that it was the thirteenth such report; the Report covering the period up to 31 December 2016 was in fact the thirteenth Report.

22. In what context might one use the expression “There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain…”. In relation to: [i] When reviewing Fifty Shades of Grey ; [ii] in relation to printing and typesetting; or [iii] when wearing a cilice?

Lorem ipsum, the dummy text used in laying out print, graphic or web designs. The passage is attributed to an unknown typesetter in the 15th century who is thought to have scrambled parts of Cicero’s De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum for use in a type specimen book.

23. Where would you find: “the beauteous files”; “the celestial glory shed”; “train filled the temple”?

  • “My Soul, there is a country”, Parry/Vaughan.
  • “Lo, star-led chiefs”, Crotch.
  • “I saw the Lord”, Stainer.

24. When was the temperature differential between the toilet and sitting room an important issue?

On 30 June 2019 we noted the unusual case of the stepsisters’ inheritance battle in the High Court over which parent had died first, and the application of the little-used s.184 Law of Property Act 1925; under this provision, known as the “Commorientes Rule” (meaning “simultaneous deaths”), if two or more people die in circumstances where it is not possible to determine who died first, the younger is deemed to have survived the elder.

The rule was applied on 13 August when in Scarle v Scarle [2019] EWHC 2224 (Ch), HHJ Philip Kramer accepted submissions from the Defendant’s barrister that the difference in decomposition could be explained by the difference in micro-climate between the locations where the couple were found. As a consequence, there was no basis for displacing the statutory presumption that the older died first.

25. Who is he? – Went to Eton; went to Oxford; was in the Bullingdon Club; ran London; became Foreign Secretary; was considered great orator, writer & historian; became PM; lost his first vote as PM; eventually got bored with politics.

Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery.

26. Who is concerned with “diameter at breast height (DBH)”?

Anyone concerned with trees, since this is a standard method of expressing the diameter of the trunk or bole of a standing tree. DBH is one of the most common dendrometric measurements.

27. When, during 2019, was an Act not an Act?

The Parliamentary Buildings (Restoration and Renewal) Act 2019 did not receive the Royal Assent as the UK SupremeCourt ruled the Royal Commission was void. Her Majesty was therefore required to resignify Her Assent. See Commons Hansard Vol 664 Col 651.

28. Which of the following provided inspiration for the Inklings: A small town in Umbria; A church in Stow in the Wold; the former mortuary in Tenby; A bird and baby?

  • A small town in Umbria [Narni]
  • A church in Stow in the Wold [St Edward, Stow-in-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, was JRR Tolkien’s inspiration for the “Doors of Durin, Lord of Moria].
  • The former mortuary situated along walkway, known as the ‘Dead House Steps’, in Tenby has a circular door
  • A bird and baby [The Eagle and Child pub in Oxford, frequented by the Inklings]

29. Links a renewable energy initiative with the introduction of same sex marriage.

These were the after-effects of Northern Ireland’s “cash for ash” scandal, summarized here.

30. Where might one find: a rearing horse with the badge of the House of Hanover; keyboard, drum, bass and electric guitar accompanied by a microphone and the inscription “QUEEN”; depiction of the Yeoman Warder’s Mace and a Roman arch window accompanied by the inscription “TOWER OF LONDON; a Megalosaurus; an Iguanodon and an Hylaeosaurus?

Coinage, as per the Royal Proclamation following the meeting of Privy Council on 5 November 2019.

31. True or Bluff: During 2019, which of these were actual cases?

  • British Blind And Shutter Association, R (On the Application Of) v Secretary of State for Housing Communities And Local Government.
  • Shnuggle Ltd v Munchkin, Inc. & Anor.
  • Miss E Dearlove v Babs Baps Ltd.

All of them.

32. Which cathedral is featured on the Cathedral City Cheese wrapper?

The Association of  English Cathedrals’ Cathedrals – Frequently Asked Questions explains: “It’s imaginary and simplified. It looks like the towers are inspired by Wells Cathedral but the arch with the great window directly below looks like it would only work if it was constructed in concrete”.

33. During which extreme weather events in Scotland might one be reminded of Ms Thunberg?

South Lanarkshire Council has revealed its very own “GRITTER Thunberg” will be keeping local roads clear this winter. Schoolkids were impressed by eco warrior Greta Thunberg’s work and wanted to honour the teenager.

34. Which Second edition law textbook began with the quote “As a dog returneth to its vomit so a fool returneth to his folly”.

Ecclesiastical Law (2nd Edition), Mark Hill QC.

35. Whose wig went missing in December?

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, planned to wear the full bottomed wig when he was elected to the 900-year-old office last month. However, an extensive search of the House of Commons has failed to track down the wig which was last worn by Speaker Bernard Weatherill before his retirement in 1992.

36. In which jurisdiction did animal rights activists ask a national court to ban the practice of castrating young male pigs without anaesthetic – with the piglets themselves listed as the plaintiffs?

Germany. In a legal first, animal rights activists have asked Germany’s top court to ban the practice of castrating young male pigs without anaesthetic — with the piglets themselves listed as the plaintiffs.

37. Name the cathedral choir stalls which inspired Alice in Wonderland and were featured on men’s sport boxer brief underwear? For a bonus point, which 1695 addition was mercifully absent from the latter?

Ripon Cathedral: i]  the father of Lewis Carroll (a.k.a. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) was a Canon at Ripon. Carroll frequented it and the misericord carvings there depict possible prototype Hatters. One carving depicts a griffin catching a rabbit who subsequently escapes down a hole; ii] DEZIRO Ripon Cathedral Men’s Sport Boxer Brief Underwear; iii] One particularly unusual feature of the cathedral organ case is a unique, carved wooden hand; this used to be used to conduct the choir, via a lever at the organ console. It was added to the case in 1695, when a rebuild of the organ then meant that the organist had to move to a new seat from where he could not conduct the choir himself.

38. Identify the following judicial admonitions:

[i] “…Notwithstanding the best attempts of the petitioners and inspecting architect to camouflage, conceal and confuse the situation, I have succeeded in finding amongst the jumble of papers a compelling need for the proposal to provide a modest extension with toilet facilities…”;

Re St. George Donnington [2016] ECC Chi 7, at para. 20.

[ii] “None of the professionals in this story come out well. The Ministry of Justice…the official who issued the Licence…The incumbent…The funeral directors…the last are least to blame, because of the absolute terms of the Licence, [b]ut because of the terms of s 25, it is the funeral director who may have committed a criminal offence”

Re All Hallows Ordsall [2019] ECC S&N 1 at para 30.

[iii] “…This wretched and lamentable history is a textbook example of how not to do things…Monumental stupidity is involved, some degree of arrogance, and, even possibly [I make no finding as to the latter], a degree of evasiveness…I note and warn further, that if this faculty is refused, the Priest in Charge and the Church Wardens might expect to be sued personally by the auctioneers and the “buyer” for their losses, including the Priest in Charge facing a very unpleasant dispute as to what she did or did not say about permission to sell to the auctioneers. Her word and her truthfulness would be on trial in such an action…”. 

Re Emmanuel Church Leckhampton [2014] Gloucester Const Ct, Rodgers Ch.

39. In November 2018, a new meaning was given to the word “cathedra”; what was it?

Blackburn Cathedral releases its own brand of gin, Cathedra 

40. Who was the ‘Emperor of Law'” and when did they become the “Emperor of Teaching or Doctrine”?

Vatican News reported that prior to Pope Francis’ arrival in Japan in late November 2019, the nation’s government recognized the Japanese-language characters that the Catholic Church has used for the Pope for over 40 years. It states “Early this week, the government announced that it would recognize the Pope with the Japanese characters 教皇, transliterated as Kyō-kō, rather than 法王, pronounced Hōō. The article explains “Hōō is similar to the term used for the highest ranking official in Buddhism, and means ‘Emperor of Law’” whereas Kyō-ō may be translated as “Emperor of Teaching or Doctrine”.

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