Law and religion round-up – 9th February

As a result of our recent little local difficulty, this is two weeks’ worth…

Changes to L&RUK

During the time when the site was off-line, in addition to addressing the immediate issue of the hacking, we instituted other measures for updating security and backup. Sharp-eyed readers will note that our URL is now, although the old address (http://) should automatically redirect to the new one. If this does not occur, as sometimes happens, and one is directed to our Home Page, the addition of an “s” (after “http”) to the old URL will provide the desired link. As W S Gilbert’s Lord Chancellor would have said:

“The thing is really quite simple – the insertion of a single [letter] will do it … and there you are, out of your difficulty at once!”

For future posts in which we refer to earlier L&RUK publications, we will seek to update earlier URLs.

Consistory court judgments – January 2020

Reviews of the seventeen consistory court judgments that were circulated in January will be posted next week in two parts. Continue reading