Law and religion round-up – 16th February

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Egg, sperm and embryo storage limits

The current limit on storage of eggs, sperm and embryos for fertility treatment under the  Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990, as amended, is a maximum of 10 years, though the legislation also makes provision for the period to be shorter or longer in circumstances specified in regulations. In March 2014 we posted Frozen sperm, posthumous conception and Article 8 ECHR, in which we reported a successful challenge brought in the area in the case of Warren v Care Fertility (Northampton) Ltd & Anor [2014] EWHC 602 (Fam).

On 10 February, the Government published Consultation document: gamete (egg, sperm) and embryo storage limits, calling for views on whether or not the storage limit should be extended. The consultation closes on 5 May.

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