Dean of Lincoln: CDM determination

This post has been updated to include the joint statement from Acting Bishop of Lincoln and the Dean which indicated that a Bishop’s Visitation is to be initiated, Lincoln Cathedral: Visitation after Dean CDM determination.

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4 thoughts on “Dean of Lincoln: CDM determination

  1. Remember the celebrated trial of the Dean of Lincoln under the old Consistory Court system in the 1990s?
    Seems like only yesterday.

    • I have different memories of Dean Brandon Jackson, who immediately after his return from Australia amid the crisis, took the time to attend an Evensong at the Cathedral by our choir in celebration of an anniversary of a much earlier Dean who had been Vicar of Wantage.

    • Very little to share regarding Dean Jackson other than his unexpected presence there. Mainly choral recollections, remembering that we were accompanied by our 15 year old organ scholar – William Byrd was organist at Lincoln 1565 -1572.
      William Jon Butler, Vicar of Wantage, was Dean of Lincoln in 1885, following his not taking up position as Bishop of Natal.

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