Stained glass attitudes – a tale of two windows

I fear that this proposed design is insipid and uninspiring and will contribute little that is positive to the church, its worship or its mission. If it were to be permitted, the court is concerned that this window will represent something of a lost opportunity and a wasted window space”

Re All Saints Hesketh with Becconsall

It is surely right that each age adds something to the fabric of their place of worship. This is correct; but it is subject to the proviso that the addition must be a worthy addition to the fabric of the church“.

Re St Mary the Virgin North Aston

This month has benefitted from the circulation of two consistory court judgments concerning the introduction of new stained glass – that of Re St. Mary the Virgin. North Aston which was handed down by the Worshipful David Hodge QC on Second Sunday in Advent, and All Saints, Hesketh with Becconsall, which he handed down on Easter Monday. Photographs of the proposed windows have been included at the end of each judgment, and without the benefit of the judicial consideration, a casual observer might have difficulty in guessing whether the associated petitions would be granted or rejected. Continue reading