Religion, Values and Ethics under the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill

In a guest post, Professor Russell Sandberg looks at the newly-published  Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill, which includes the Welsh Government’s proposals for the teaching of religion in schools.

The Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill has now been published, together with an explanatory memorandum. The Bill establishes a new legislative framework to support the implementation of the new curriculum for Wales, including Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE) which will replace Religious Education (RE) in Welsh schools. The Bill provides a further insight into how RVE will operate and which legislative provisions will no longer apply in Wales. In short, the Bill, if enacted, would create a very different legislative framework for Wales distinct from the English model. And it may well prompt reform there too given that some of the changes are said to be made to bring the law in line with the Human Rights Act 1998. Continue reading