Face covering during weddings and other services

On 5 August, the Church of England issued the following interim advice on the use of face covering during services in the form of two updated FAQs: Who needs to wear a face covering during services? in Prayer and Worship section; and Who needs to wear a face covering during weddings? in Life Events section. The Church notes:

“These updates reflect our understanding of guidance currently being prepared by government; we are grateful to have been part of that process. We will update our detailed guidance documents once the government has published the revised regulations and guidance.”

This guidance is reproduced in full below, and a revised post will be published once the guidance has been finalized [emboldening in original].


Further interim guidance, issued by the Church on 7 August, is summarized in our weekly update New COVID-19 legislation and guidance: to 8 August. Although the new legislation and explanatory memorandum have been issued, the final version of the Church’s guidance is dependent upon an update of the MHCLG document COVID-19: guidance for the safe use of places of worship during the pandemic, which was last updated on 4 August.

Who needs to wear a face covering during services?

3 thoughts on “Face covering during weddings and other services

  1. From a Bride marrying on the 15th when I told her she did not need to wear a mask “Whooo hoo. Thank you for making my Wednesday. “
    We will make the occasion as safe as we possibly can

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