New COVID-19 legislation and guidance to 31 October

This is a weekly update on the legislation and guidance on coronavirus COVID-19 up to Saturday, 31 October; it is intended as a quick reference to the latest developments. New items will be added throughout each week as they become available, and included in COVID-19 Coronavirus: legislation and guidance which is now the main source of information§. The updates for the earlier weeks are here.

Sunday 25 October to Saturday 31 October

Law and Religion UK

  • Law and religion round-up – 25 October. Three new regional categories for COVID-19 restrictions in England; Coronavirus circuit break: Wales, and clergy challenge; COVID-19 and the wedding industry; Bellringing; Postponement of General Synod elections.

Church of England

Other churches and faith organizations

Church of Scotland




Northern Ireland


Other guidance

§ – item not yet added to COVID-19 Coronavirus: legislation and guidance. 

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1 thought on “New COVID-19 legislation and guidance to 31 October

  1. Both the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Local COVID-19 Alert Level) (Medium, High and Very High) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 (SI 2020/1154) and The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Local COVID-19 Alert Level) (Medium, High and Very High) (England) (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2020 (SI 2020/1176) contain this rubric at the top of the first page: “This Statutory Instrument corrects errors in S.I. 2020/1103, S.I. 2020/1104 and S.I. 2020/1105 and is being issued free of charge to all known recipients of those Statutory Instruments.”

    It is bad enough tracking the frequent changes to the Coronoavirus restriction rules (and whether they are legally enforceable rules contained in regulations or only guidance) but this piecemeal correction of ‘errors’ in the principal regulations, apart from indicating sloppy drafting, makes ascertaining the current law (and, note, criminal law) the more difficult. Surely the Government ought to be required to publish an ‘as amended’ copy of the principal regulations alongside each set of amending regulations.

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