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On 5 November, the Church of England launched an improved menu system on the CofE and Archbishops’ websites. By utilising in-page surveying, analytics and the evaluation of a number of websites of large UK-based organisations, the CofE has updated the design across the Church of England and Archbishops’ websites to incorporate a number of new features to improve navigation:

  1. A more accessible header design, which uses less space and incorporates more functionality
  2. A new menu system that better serves the amount of content available
  3. A more consistent user experience across different devices

An explanation of these changes is to be found in Improving the menu system on the CofE and Archbishops’ websites. Although the menu system is new, the architecture of the web site appears to be unchanged, with topics under the same headings and associated URLs.

As a consequence, most of the “quick links” which we posted when the CofE site was relaunched in 2017 are still relevant; for regular users/Luddites such as ourselves (who are only just becoming accustomed to the new Facebook format), these provide ready access to areas of interest without recourse to Google, until we become more used to the new menu system. Our two posts are:

In  addition, in March 2019 we posted ChurchCare Guidance Notes – Quick Links; the links appear to be working, although some of the items now need to be updated. With regard to coronavirus COVID-19, the pop-menu provides ready access to all relevant pages on the CofE site, as does the Home Page on L&RUK.

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