New COVID-19 legislation and guidance to 14 November

This is a weekly update on the legislation and guidance on coronavirus COVID-19 up to 14 November 2020; it is intended as a quick reference to the latest developments. New items will be added throughout each week as they become available, and included in COVID-19 Coronavirus: legislation and guidance which is now the main source of information§. The updates for the earlier weeks are here.

Sunday 8 November to Saturday 14 November

Law and Religion UK

  • Law and religion round-up – 8th November, Guidance, legislation, and how not to do it; Lockdown and places of worship; Reopening of places of worship in Wales; Charity Commission: updated guidance on COVID-19; Charity meetings in Wales, General Synod (Remote Meetings) Measure 2020; Church of England and Archbishops’ websites.

Church of England

Thursday 12 November at 16:29

New FAQs:

  • Can I still undertake pastoral visiting under the new restrictions? in the Community support section.

Monday 09 November at 13.17 Important notification:

  • Q&A which are not applicable during second lockdown have been removed
  • All documents have been left live for reference, but please note that advice contained within may not be relevant during lockdown. We have marked individual documents which contain guidance which is not relevant during lockdown (as “(non-current)” against the link to the document).

Other churches and faith organizations

Church in Wales




Northern Ireland


Other guidance

§ – item to be added to COVID-19 Coronavirus: legislation and guidance. 

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2 thoughts on “New COVID-19 legislation and guidance to 14 November

  1. David – You may have seen my lead letter in today’s Daily Telegraph calling on the Government to amend the coronavirus restrictions regulations to permit outdoor remembrance ceremonies at war memorials in England on Wednesday 11 November (Armistice Day), which are not currently an exception to the general ban on indoor and outdoor gatherings [see reg 11(18) of the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No.4) Regulations 2020]:

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