Ecclesiastical court judgments – November 2020 (I)

Part I of the review of the ecclesiastical court judgments during November 2020

Eleven consistory court judgments were circulated in November, and the six featured in this first part of the round-up all relate to Reordering, extensions & other building works. The second part will review the remaining five which concern Bells, Exhumation and Churchyards and burials. It will also include Privy Council Business, and CFCE Determinations, as well as links to other posts relating to ecclesiastical law.

This Northern Province Lecture for the Ecclesiastical Law Society was delivered online in November 2020. Kate Davey, barrister and trustee of the Victorian Society, speaks on “Victorian architecture, the amenity societies and the parish church – a compatibility guide.”

The Cathedral and Church Buildings Division of the Church of England is seeking to hear from specialists in the history, care and conservation of religious buildings with the time and skills to serve on one of its voluntary expert committees. Expressions of interest are invited from specialists in the following areas: histories; the on-going use and development of historic buildings; care of collections; building performance and environmental sustainability. Application to arrive by Monday 10 January 2021. Continue reading