Scotland: Christmas guidance on COVID-19 precautions

Today, 22 December, the Scottish Government has published guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19): Christmas and the festive period. It re-emphasises that “The safest way to celebrate Christmas this year is with your own household in your own home – and as far as possible, to keep any interaction with other households to a minimum.” That said, however, it gives the following  advice on worship and Christmas music:

Places of worship

You may attend a church or other place of worship with members of your bubble on 25 December. ​​​​​​​​​​​​Maximum numbers at individual places of worship will depend on the level that they are in and the size of the venue. For more information on attending places of worship, see the protection levels guidance.

Carol singing and music

Carol singing and musical performances such as brass band concerts can take place only in Level 0 and 1 council areas:

    • indoors with professional singers and musicians
    • outdoors with professional and non-professional singers and musicians (but not door-to-door).

Guidance on events and performing arts should be followed.

You cannot travel from a Level 3 or 4 area to watch a performance in another area.”

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