Wales: Christmas guidance on COVID-19 precautions

All of Wales is at Alert Level 4. The revised Guidance on reopening places of worship: coronavirus, to reflect the situation in Alert Level 4 was published on the Welsh Government’s website yesterday, 23 December. We understand from Gethin Rhys, of Cytûn, that the revised guidance for weddings is about to be published as well.

Places of worship “may open for communal worship, including prayers, devotions or meditations led by a Minister of Religion or lay person” and “Religious ceremonies can be held as part of communal worship or as an event in their own right, such as a funeral or wedding”, however:

“such ceremonies that do not form part of communal worship should continue to be by invitation only as described in the guidance for funerals and weddings.”

The updated Guidance flatly prohibits worship in the open air: “Worship and belief ceremonies cannot be held outdoors in alert level 4.

An organised group or groups of musicians or singers may still play a part in worship, but a specific risk assessment and mitigating actions should be put in place to provide a COVID-19 safe environment and the updated Guidance includes a detailed explanation of the conditions under which music may be performed.

Cytûn’s website has been updated accordingly. [With thanks, as always, to the Revd Gethin Rhys.]

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