New COVID-19 legislation and guidance to 2 January 2021

This is the latest rolling weekly update covering the legislation and guidance on coronavirus COVID-19 during the week commencing 27 December 2020*. Although the updates for 30 December are not directly associated with “law and religion”, they will nevertheless have an impact on this and many other areas.

Sunday 27 December to Saturday 2 January 2021

Law and Religion UK

  • Law and religion round-up – 27 December with a link to the 1256 pages of COM(2020) 857 final, a.k.a. “ANNEX to the Recommendation for a Council Decision approving the conclusion, by the European Commission, of the Agreement between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland...”

Church of England

The Government has announced a formal tiering review, whereby more areas have been elevated to tiers 4 and 3. The guidance for places of worship within tiers has not changed at this time, and public worship may continue in all tiers, in line with the Government guidance and the advice below.

We are also conscious of those who will not wish to attend a church building in light of increased numbers of cases, and many churches will continue to offer local streamed worship, together with national online weekly worship and daily audio prayer services via the Time to Pray app and podcast, and the Daily Hope telephone line for any who are unable to access the internet.

See church online for more details.

“All areas of the Diocese are now in Tier 4, and infection rates have continued to rise rapidly…Whilst it remains permissible for churches to continue to be open for their usual worship provision, we are encouraging parishes/benefices in the Diocese of Oxford to take a very cautious approach in the weeks ahead.” The update describes measures that can be taken.

Other churches and faith organizations


Guidance/ Press Release/Correspondence 

 Other guidance


  • Coronavirus (COVID-19), Standing Guidance: Guidance for E, W, S, NI, RoI. The guidance for ringing for children’s groups has been updated in the light of the introduction of the new Tier 4. In England, the Government guidance that allows the running of activities for children in out-of-school settings specifically excludes Tier 4, so young ringers groups can only operate in Tiers 1-3. Updated 27 December 2020.


Post last update, Friday 8 January 2021 at 19:05.

*Information on COVID-19 on L&RUK

These updates are published at the start of each week; they are not reissued, but new items are added throughout the week as they become available, providing a “rolling update” of the latest developments during the current week. They are also added to COVID-19 Coronavirus: legislation and guidance which is  the main source of  information; those items in the weekly updates yet to be added are marked “§“.  The updates for the earlier weeks are here.

Church of England documents

For Church of England documents, the information on the document itself – date and version number – provides the best indication of the date on which it was issued

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