New COVID-19 legislation and guidance to 9 January 2021

This is the latest rolling weekly update covering the legislation and guidance on coronavirus COVID-19 during the week commencing 3 January 2021*.

Sunday 3 January 2021 to Saturday 9 January 2021

Law and Religion UK

Church of England

Last updated: Friday 8 January at 11:49

Updated documents:

COVID-19 Permitted Activities under national lockdown rules, V3.1. 7 January 2021.

Updated/New FAQ:

    • Can we host children’s group? [Under Community support]
    • Can weddings go ahead? [Under Life Events].

Last updated: Wednesday 6 January at 16:20 Updated documents:

Updated/New FAQ:

    • What is permitted during lockdown? [Under FAQs].
    • What do we need to do if we have decided to suspend public worship? [Under FAQs].
    • Can churches be used as vaccination centres? [Under FAQs].
    • Can funerals go ahead? [Under Life Events].
    • Can weddings go ahead? [Under Life Events].

      Read a response from the Bishop of London to the Prime Minister’s statement outlining new restrictions in England. The advice on this page will be reviewed in the coming days in line with Government guidance. We have streamlined the advice on this page, and will continue to review advice documents in light of Government guidance.§

Other churches and faith organizations

Northern Ireland




Isle of Man



[Note that guidance for individual tiers was withdrawn on 4 January]. 


Cytûn’s web page has been updated to take account of this new guidance – Welsh Government guidance regarding community centres has not yet been updated, but they can currently open only to provide essential voluntary services and public services. Further guidance on this is on the Cytûn website.

[With thanks Gethin Rhys for the update]

Other faith groups

Other guidance 


Bar Council

  • Coronavirus advice and updates. The Bar Council is keeping the coronavirus situation under constant review. This information is updated regularly to reflect the most recent guidance for the Bar. (4 January 2021).

Post last updated, Friday 8 January 2021 at  19:22.

*Information on COVID-19 on L&RUK

These updates are published at the start of each week; they are not reissued, but new items are added throughout the week as they become available, providing a “rolling update” of the latest developments during the current week. They are also added to COVID-19 Coronavirus: legislation and guidance which is  the main source of  information; those items in the weekly updates yet to be added are marked “§“.  The updates for the earlier weeks are here.

Church of England documents

For Church of England documents, the information on the document itself – date and version number – provides the best indication of the date on which it was issued

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