National Register of Clergy

The Church of England has issued the following Press Notice on the National Register of Clergy which is to go live in May this year.

National Register of Clergy


The final stages for publishing a National Register of Clergy, to strengthen safeguarding in the Church of England, are now underway.

The Church’s 20,000 active clergy – those who hold a licence or Permission to Officiate (PTO) – are being asked to confirm the information that both the National Church Institutions (NCIs) and dioceses hold about them is accurate for when the Register goes live in May.

Currently PTO and licence details are held in each diocese but not published nationally.

The National Register is an important development in strengthening safeguarding in the Church and was a recommendation in the 2017 Gibb Review which looked into the Church’s handling of allegations against the late Bishop Peter Ball. The NCIs, and representatives from each diocese, have worked together on the project and the relevant regulation covering the information that will be published was passed at Genera Synod in November 2020. All active clergy will now be included by law and this week are being contacted individually to ask them to confirm their details via a short form on the C of E website by 23 February.

The Register will show an individual’s title and name, how they are engaged with the Church of England (current post/licence) and the diocese, area or benefice to which they are licensed. The Register will not include contact, biographical or historical information.

This information will be publicly available on the Church of England website. The Register can be searched to verify whether someone has PTO or licence to hold office, in much the same way as other professions hold national lists. At the time of launch the Register will include those who are ordained, expanding to include lay ministry in due course.

Further information including FAQs about the Register and Crockford’s Clerical Directory can be found on the National Register page.

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2 thoughts on “National Register of Clergy

  1. I don’t think I have been registered. The attachment to the e-mail received this week says that I will have a ‘Unique Person Number’ at the top of the letter. I find no number there. At any rate I should be registered.

    I was ordained deacon on 24 September 1961, presbyter on 23 September 1962, bishop on 25 July 1985.

    I am retired, an hon assistant bishop in the diocese of Leeds

    • Thanks you Colin. Your diocesan Registrar would probably be the first port of call for an enquiry such as this.

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