Registration of Marriages – latest GRO advice for Authorised Persons

The General Register Office has issued its latest newsletter – No. 14 – for people authorised to register marriages:

Digital presentations

There are several presentations available in digital format which provide a step by step explanation to guide you through the changes and new processes.

The presentations include:

    •  An overview of the changes to marriage registration

    •  Information about how you will prepare for the changes

    •  Details of what a marriage schedule looks like and how to obtain one.

    •  Guidance on how to complete a marriage schedule.

    •  A process to reconcile the marriages you perform with the registrations completed.

All the presentations will be available to access with and without a voice over.

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be a reference document providing answers to frequently asked questions which will support the other training materials.”

Previous newsletters are available here.

Note: Similar information was prepared for clergy, and is summarized here

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2 thoughts on “Registration of Marriages – latest GRO advice for Authorised Persons

  1. What the GRO newsletter should also say is “please do not ask your Diocesan Registrar for advice as they have been provided with neither access to the secure website on which the training presentations are available, nor copies of the FAQ document”.

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