“Net zero” in 2030 – a courageous decision?

 “[T]o reach 2020 without a way to ascertain progress towards our public targets [for carbon reduction] would entail a risk to the Church’s reputation, potentially even to the reputation of the Gospel”

London/Truro DSM on Environmental Programmes, GS2094A

In 2009, the document Church and Earth noted that the Church of England had been engaged in the environmental agenda since the 1978 Lambeth Conference; from the 2006 the Shrinking the Footprint initiative it had sought to reduce its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, with an interim target of 42% by 2020 in line with government commitments at the time. It was against this background that the statement in the London/Truro DSM was made in 2018, citing criticism in L&RUK here and here (both posted in 2015 and apparently still applicable in 2018) that the Church “makes no reference to how much savings (of energy and carbon emissions) have been made to date”.

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