COVID-19 legislation and guidance: update to 22 May

This post includes a rolling update of new legislation and guidance on coronavirus COVID-19 during the week commencing 16 May 2021 *.

Sunday 16 May 20201 to Saturday 22 May 2021




Northern Ireland



Church of England

Updated documents:

Updated FAQ:

Is singing permitted? in the Prayer and worship section [Scroll down]

  • Updated Monday May 17, 16:36

“The changes in guidance which come into effect today represent a relatively modest step along the road of easing restrictions affecting places of worship in common with many other public places”. With regard to singing, this revised guidance for the “eased restrictions” of Step 3 is more restrictive than that for Step 2.


Churches Together  in Wales

Roman Catholic EW



  • 14 May 2021 There has been no change to guidance this week. England is still on course to enter Stage 3 on 17 May when the Rule of Six applies indoors.

Law and Religion UK

Post last updated,  26 May 2021 at 09:17.

* Information on COVID-19 on L&RUK

These updates are published at the start of each week; they are not reissued, but new items are added throughout the week as they become available, providing a “rolling update” of the latest developments during the current week. They are also added to COVID-19 Coronavirus: legislation and guidance which is  the main source of  information, and listed with the newest items last (unlike the CofE documents, infra); items in the weekly updates yet to be added are marked “§“.  The updates for the earlier weeks are here.

Church of England documents

Church of England documents are listed under their full title and issue number, in the same order as they appear on the Church’s web site.

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