Updated marriage law guidance for clergy

On 7 June, the Faculty Office issued a Press Release Updated marriage law guidance for the clergy has been issued by the Faculty Office. This Third Supplement (issued June 2021) to the 3rd Edition: Anglican Marriage in England and Wales: A Guide to the Law for Clergy incorporates and updates the First Supplement (issued in July 2013) and the Second Supplement (issued in April 2015). “These notes…are believed to state the law as at 1 July 2021”.

The Press Notice states “[t]his Supplement is intended to be read alongside the 3rd edition of the Faculty Office marriage guide booklet and the July 2013 First Supplement. It provides an important update to those areas where there have been changes in the law since July 2013, especially on the topic of marriages of non-European nationals in the Church of England”.


Our post, Brexit marriage requirements, England and Wales – 1st July 2021, summarizes the earlier information published by the Faculty Office on the changes to the requirements for EEA Nationals to marry in the UK from 1st July 2021, here and here.

The General Register Office Guidebook for The Clergy V1.1, (first issued 2012) was updated on 10 May 2021.

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