Law and religion round-up – 27th June

“I have a song to sing, O…”

…However, we will refrain from commenting further. This approach didn’t do Jack Point any favours – perhaps we should “consider the matter closed”?

Outdoor weddings in England and Wales

On 21 June, Russell Sandberg explored Outdoor weddings in England and Wales: the truth behind the headlines, in which he described the development as a welcome change, although a modest and limited one; “[i]t does not answer the now deafening call for fuller reform of marriage law and there is a risk that this change might be wrongly seen as the ‘fix’”. In their article in The Conversation, below, Rajnaara Akhtar and Rebecca Probert note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, register offices offering legal unions have very long waiting lists. A similar view was expressed by an organization representing wedding celebrants, which stated: Continue reading