COVID-19 Regulations update for Wales

Over recent weeks, the Welsh Government has made various changes to its COVID-19 Regulations and has published new guidance for places of worship and other specific settings. Some other organisations have also updated advice and guidance which could be useful for places of worship and community centres as they prepare, update and implement their statutory risk assessments.

The Welsh Government has published a helpful, “unofficial” version of The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 5) (Wales) Regulations 2020, as amended, showing the effect of recent changes. On August 27, Regulation 20(2)(aa) was added, meaning that it is not necessary for those attending weddings, civil partnerships or “an alternative wedding ceremony” (such as a service for the blessing of a marriage) to wear face coverings. This does NOT, however, change the situation regarding funerals or other indoor services of worship, where face coverings remain mandatory. Continue reading