Law and religion round-up – 10th October

Hello literally everyone…

…as Twitter responded to the global outage of its rivals Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. At one level, this could also be a convenient strapline for blogs such as Law and Religion UK which do not restrict access via a paywall, (although we necessarily require Comments and Guest Posts to conform to our General terms & conditions).

However, at another level, those who have not been involved in blogs, websites and other web-based activities are unlikely to have experienced the fraught nature of such outages, whether through faulty configuration changes on routers, as with Facebook, or the updating of website security certificates, as we and others have experienced recently.

Charity Commission official warning: Purpose of Life

In March, Purpose of Life, a charity in Yorkshire, released a letter signed by the charity’s founder which named a teacher In Batley who had been accused of showing a picture of the Prophet Mohammed during a lesson. Police were called to a subsequent protest outside the school, the school apologised for the incident and the teacher was suspended Continue reading