Law and religion round-up – 24th October

Dominic Raab on the rule of law

Last Sunday, the Secretary of State for Justice gave an interview to the Sunday Telegraph on his proposals for amending (or maybe replacing) the Human Rights Act 1998 in which he suggested that the European Court of Human Rights was imposing too many “obligations on the state” rather than simply defending individuals from “undue interference”.

It’s well worth a read, as is this riposte from Professor Mark Elliott on Twitter – kindly unrolled at our request by @ThreadReaderApp – and this analysis by Joshua Rozenberg.

Assisted Dying Bill: the Government’s position

On Friday, the House of Lords debated the Assisted Dying Bill and, in accordance with long-standing custom, it was given an unopposed second reading. Replying to the debate on behalf of the Government, Lord Wolfson of Tredegar, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice, summed up the Government’s position on the Bill like this: Continue reading