COVID-19: legislation and guidance, November update

This post includes a rolling update of new legislation and guidance on coronavirus COVID-19 during November 2021*. More detailed information on the Omicron virus is available in the Law and religion round-up – 28th November and in our post COVID-19: Omicron variant.



Red List countries include: Botswana; Eswatini; Lesotho; Namibia; South Africa; Zimbabwe; Angola; Malawi; Mozambique; and Zambia. The Guidance Booking and staying in a quarantine hotel if you’ve been in a red list country was updated on 28 November 2021.



Northern Ireland





Church of England

Updated: Tuesday 30 November, 16.23

Following the publication of Government guidance on face coverings, advice for churches has been updated.

Update: Thursday 11th November, 15.00

  • New FAQ: How do we keep buildings well ventilated in Winter?

The government recommends following guidance from the Chartered Institution of Building Services EngineersSection 5 of this guidance is particularly relevant for church buildings and parish halls.

Updated: Wednesday 3rd November, 11.48

At present, incidence of the virus is high, though Government statistics tentatively point to it beginning to decrease. Largely due to the success of the vaccination programme, hospitalisations and deaths remain at a much lower level than at similar points during the pandemic, but the continuation of this will be dependent on a good uptake of booster vaccinations.

However, vaccination cannot be the sole means of containing the spread of the virus: hand and respiratory hygiene, social distancing, face-coverings and good ventilation are also important factors in lessening the spread of the disease. While these are not mandatory, they are still important public health mitigations and can help to minimise risk when planning public worship and other church activities.§

  • Opening and managing church buildings, V2.1, (2 November 2021). Update on version 2.0: The current situation report has been updated and in the section on Holy Communion the wording regarding the administration has been changed to reflect a potential increase in infection risk from 1) the communicant can receive the bread alone; 2) the president may dip the bread in the wine before giving to the communicant; 3) the communicant can receive wine from the common cup in the way they did so before the pandemic.

Law and Religion UK

Post last updated,  6 December at  15:22.

* Information on COVID-19 on L&RUK

These updates are now published at the start of each month; they are not reissued, but new items are added as they become available, providing a “rolling update” of the latest developments. They are also added to COVID-19 Coronavirus: legislation and guidance which is  the main source of  information, and listed with the newest items last (unlike the CofE documents, infra); items in the monthly updates yet to be added are marked “§“.  Earlier updates are here.

Church of England documents

Church of England documents are listed under their full title and issue number, in the same order as they appear on the Church’s web site.

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