Wales: COVID-19 update

Following a vote in the Senedd, a change came into force in the COVID Regulations for Wales from today, Monday 15 November, and the Welsh Government has published a helpful guide to the changes. The only substantive change is to extend the use of “COVID passes” (certification of vaccination or a negative test within the previous 48 hours) to theatres, concert halls and cinemas.

Cytûn has received confirmation from the Welsh Government as follows:

The COVID pass would not apply to a place of worship or community centre that was showing a film or having a concert etc. This is because it remains a Place of Worship or Community Centre despite it occasional use otherwise. If it were dedicated to the purpose so that it was classed as a Cinema, Concert Hall or Theatre then the pass would apply.

Gethin Rhys, Policy Officer of Cytûn (to whom our thanks) adds:

“It may be wise for places of worship who hold such activities, when drawing up the risk assessment for the occasion as required by the Regulations, to consider whether asking for a COVID pass might be necessary. The decision whether or not to do so would be a matter for decision by the trustees/managers of the premises on the basis of risk.”

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