Law and religion round-up – 5th December

The Alpha and Omicron…

COVID-19: the Omicron variant

The beginning of the week saw the imposition of restrictions in England when, from 4 am on 30 November, those not exempt were required by law to wear face-coverings in shops and on public transport and in settings such as banks, post offices and hairdressers. No such requirement was imposed for attendance at places of worship; however, the Bishop of London nonetheless urged churches and churchgoers to take extra precautions during Advent and Christmas. The Diocese of Blackburn’s Coronavirus Task Group, for example, recommended that churches should review their risk assessments and seriously consider reintroducing face-coverings during indoor, in-person public worship. The Group noted that this was not a legal requirement and could not be enforced, but strongly encouraged caution until further notice.

Transmission of COVID (I)

On Thursday, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) posted a new BMJ Infographic “to help people decide what to do in everyday situations to protect themselves, and others, from covid-19”, such as “Is it risky to sing in a choir or eat in a small restaurant? Continue reading