COVID-19: Church of England updated advice

On 25 January 2022, the Church of England issued a Press Release in which The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, thanked parishes and the public for their sacrifices as England lifts Plan B measures from Thursday 27 January.

The 12-page guidance COVID-19 Opening and managing church buildings v2.4 (25 January 2022) updates the earlier version, and takes into account the removal from 27th January of the additional restrictions in England that were brought in under the Government’s Plan B.

Bishop Sarah notes:

“As ‘plan B’ restrictions come to an end the future remains uncertain and we must continue to be cautious. In our churches government rules have been eased but I would still encourage congregations to consider what mitigation can best protect others.

“As we look now towards spring and the vivid demonstration of new life it offers us, my prayer is that we won’t forget what we’ve learnt; that we take this opportunity to thank others and that we look with hope to the future.”

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