Social housing and religion again: LF v United Kingdom

Readers may possibly recall the judgment in In R (Z & Anor) v Hackney London Borough Council & Anor [2020] UKSC 40, which we noted at the time, here. The Agudas Israel Housing Association Ltd (AIHA), whose properties constitute less than one per cent of social housing in Hackney, makes social housing available primarily for Orthodox Jews: in particular, for Charedis. It had refused to rent a house to Ms Z, a Gentile, on the grounds that it had no property currently available for non-Jewish applicants. The Supreme Court unanimously upheld the judgments of the lower courts and dismissed Ms Z’s appeal against the housing policies of Hackney LBC and the AIHA. After losing in the Supreme Court, she appealed to the ECtHR.

In LF v United Kingdom [2022] ECHR (no. 19839/21), she complained of a violation of Article 14 (discrimination) taken in conjunction with Article 8 (respect for private and family life) ECHR. Continue reading