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Further to the widely-read guest post by Professor Mark Hill QC, Principles of Canon Law and the Mind of the Anglican Communion, are links to a number of documents and comments relating to the law in this area. In addition, the L&RUK Index now includes a heading Anglican Communion to which links to earlier posts will be added.

The Lambeth Conference comprises three phases:

Phase 1: Listening together: 2021-2022 Virtual meetings – optional sessions for bishops to meet for prayer, Bible study and to start to explore some of the conference themes. An additional programme for bishops’ wives and husbands will also be on offer.

Phase 2: Walking together: Summer 2022. The conference meets at Canterbury.

Phase 3: Witnessing together: After the conference. Working together on conference outcomes and initiatives.

Background Documents, Comments within Anglican Communion

Lambeth Conference: Lambeth Calls: Guidance and Study Documents. Original document. (59 pages).

Scottish Episcopal Church: A Statement from the College of Bishops – Preparing for the Lambeth Conference. (22 July 2022).

Church in Wales: Statement on the draft Lambeth Call on human dignity. 23 July 2022.

Eurobishop: The mind of the Communion. (23 July 2022).

Bishop of Ely and Bishop of Huntingdon: Pastoral Letter. (24 July 2022).

Professor Mark Hill QC, Law & Religion UK: Principles of Canon Law and the Mind of the Anglican Communion. (26 July 2022).

Ecclesiastical Law Society: Lambeth Conference launch of the 2022 Revision of The Principles of Canon Law. (26 July 2022).

Lambeth Conference: Text of Calls to be discussed at Lambeth Conference published,  (26 July 2022). Press Release.

Lambeth Conference: Lambeth Calls. Revised document. (32 pages).

Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches, Press Release. Orthodox Bishops to offer their own “Lambeth Resolution” re-affirming Lambeth I.10 & will not receive Holy Communion alongside gay-partnered bishops. (29 July 2022).

Lambeth Conference: Lambeth Calls – An update on the process. (31 July 2022).

Episcopal News Service: Archbishop of Canterbury announces changes to the Lambeth Calls ‘voting’ process (1 August 2022).

Lambeth Calls: Bishops express support for ‘Anglican Congress’ meeting in the Global South. Bishops at the Lambeth Conference have agreed to explore the possibility of holding a worldwide ‘Anglican Congress’ – for the first time in more than 60 years. Such a gathering, which would include the voices not only of bishops but lay people and clergy, would be likely to take place in the Global South. The Congress would be an opportunity for Anglicans to meet to “discern afresh the mission of God amidst a celebration of the diversity and artistry of our many cultures”. (2 August 2022).

Archbishop of Canterbury: Letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Bishops of the Anglican Communion: written ahead of the Lambeth Conference discussion on Human Dignity (2 August 2022).

GSFA resolution reaffirming Lambeth 1.10 from the 2022 Lambeth Conference, (2 August 2022).

Lambeth Calls: Bishops at Lambeth Conference discuss the Lambeth Call on Human Dignity. (2 August 2022).

Most Revd Mark Strange & Ors: Statement from Anglican bishops and primates who are keen to affirm and celebrate LGBT+ people (2 August 2022).

Anglican Consultative Council: The Principles of Canon Law Common to the Churches of the Anglican Communion: Second Edition (5 August 2022).

Analysis and Commentaries

Professor Mark Hill QC: Comment on revised text. (26 July 2022).

Andrew Goddard, Psephizo: Lambeth ‘Calls’, Lambeth I.10, and the nature of the Anglican Communion. (28 July 2022).

Giles Fraser, UnherdWhy is the Church obsessed with gay sex? The Archbishop is being turned into an Anglican Pope (28 July 2022).

Egan Millard, Episcopal News Service: With same-sex marriage in the spotlight, where does it stand across the Anglican Communion? (28 July 2022).

Simon Butler, Via Media NewsPurist, Principled, Pragmatic? A Good Friday Agreement for the Church of England. (29 July 2022).

Andrew Goddard, Psephizo: Lambeth ‘Calls’, Lambeth I.10, and the nature of the Anglican Communion (2): the future. (29 July 2022).

Diarmaid MacCulloch, Religion Media Centre: “It may be time to pull the plug” on the Lambeth Conference. (29 July 2022).

Harriet Sherwood, The Guardian: Divisions in Anglican church on show as Lambeth conference opens. (29 July 2022).

Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches: Statement: Global South Bishops to Meet Archbishop of Canterbury to Discuss Presenting GSFA Resolution on ‘Lambeth 1.10’ at the Anglican Communion Plenary (AUG 1). (29 July 2022).

Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches: Marriage & Sexuality: press release on the text of the Fellowship’s resolution in support of Resolution 1.10 of the 1998 Lambeth Conference: full text here. (2 August 2022).

Martyn Percy, Modern Church: Lambeth Conferences and Calls – A Lessons Learned Review. (29 July 2022).

Law and Religion UK: Law and religion round-up – 31st July: Call(s) to remembrance…O Lord! (Richard Farrant, 1530-1581): The Lambeth Conference and same-sex relationships; Lambeth Conference documents and comments; and Principles of Canon Law common to the Churches of the Anglican Communion, (31 July 2022).

Andrew Goddard, PsephizoPaying attention to power in Lambeth ‘Calls’. “It is clear that thankfully there is, without doubt, much good wonderfully being done as bishops from across the world meet together. In fact it is almost as if there are at least three different Conferences: the conflictual Conference portrayed in social and other media, the convivial Conference in which relationships are established or revived and mutual encouragement experienced as bishops worship, study Scripture and talk and pray together, and the chaotic Conference described above in relation to the Calls”. (1 August 2022).

Anglican FuturesDoes a bit of quiet chuntering count? (1 August 2022).

Lambeth Conference. This is a time of ‘great need for the love of God’ – Queen’s message to Lambeth Conference. Her Majesty The Queen has spoken of the hope she finds in the teachings of Jesus Christ, in a message of ‘warmest good wishes’ to hundreds of Anglican bishops from around the world gathered in the UK for the Lambeth Conference. Her message was published as the bishops, gathered from around 165 countries at the Lambeth Conference, were meeting at Lambeth Palace in London for a day focused on the environment. (3 August 2022).

Scottish Episcopal Church: College issues statement after Human Dignity Call. (2 August 2002).

Church in Wales: Lambeth Call on Human Dignity – Archbishop’s statement. (2 August 2022).

Statement from Anglican Bishops and Primates keen to affirm and celebrate LGBT+ People, (3 August 2022).

Canadian House of Bishops, General Synod Communication. Lambeth 2022: Statement from the Canadian House of Bishops (4 August 2022).

GSFA: Communique by Orthodox Bishops Presented by: GSFA Primates Steering Committee present at Lambeth Conference 2022 5th August 2022. (5 August 2022).

Andrew Goddard, PsephizoThe End of (the) Communion? (ii): So where are we now? (6 August 2022).


Anglican Mainstream: Lambeth Conference. (from 6 July 2022*).

Religion Media Centre: Timeline: Lambeth Conference and the same-sex story (from 28 July 2022*).

Thinking AnglicansLambeth Conference 2022 – yet more news and comment, (2 August 2022). This recent update links to earlier summaries on the Thinking Anglicans website.

* These summaries are updated as new documents become available.

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