Ageism and antisemitism in employment: Dooley

One we missed: a classic example of how not to treat staff (or simply how not to behave in any circumstances).

In Mrs Angela Dooley v Mr Lee Williams & Ors [2019] UKET 3200819/2018, handed down on the last day of 2019, Mrs Dooley, who was Jewish, was employed at the Woolston Manor Golf & Country Club as a Sales Manager. In January 2017 she applied for the new role of Sales Manager (which, evidently, was a rather different position from the position as Sales Manager that she already occupied). Subsequently however, Mr Williams presented her with a new contract of employment that described her role as that of Sales Manager working 24 hours a week for a salary of £15,000 and told her to sign the contract without reviewing its contents; otherwise, she would be immediately dismissed [30]. In January 2018, she was told that her role was now redundant and she was dismissed with immediate effect [54 & 55].

The nub of Mrs Dooley’s complaint was that Mr Williams had harassed her about her age and her Judaism and had victimised her after she had lodged a grievance in August 2017 [1]. Continue reading