Law and religion round-up – 21st August

Margaret Ferrier MP and COVID-19

On Thursday at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Margaret Ferrier, MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West, pled guilty to a charge that she had failed to self-isolate after testing positive for COVID-19 and had “exposed people to risk of infection, illness and death”. Ms Ferrier was elected for the SNP but subsequently lost the whip and currently sits as an independent.

She had taken a COVID test on Saturday 26 September because she had a “tickly throat”. While awaiting her results, she went to church on Sunday. She then travelled to London by train and spoke in the Commons before finding out a short time later that she had tested positive for the virus. She then returned to Glasgow, fearing she would have to self-isolate in a London hotel room for two weeks. Sentence was deferred pending background reports until next month. Continue reading