Law and religion round-up – 20th November

And in the week that we decided that no-one was to consume alcoholic liquor while reading this blog…

Keir Starmer and the House of Lords

The Observer reports that Keir Starmer is proposing that, if elected, Labour will abolish the House of Lords and replace it with an elected chamber as part of plans to “restore trust in politics”. Apparently, he has told Labour peers that he wants to strip politicians of the power to make appointments to the Lords as part of the first-term programme of a Labour government. The Observer understands that an incoming Labour government would hold a consultation on the composition and size of a new second chamber and on immediate reforms to the current appointments process. Final proposals will be included in the party’s election manifesto.

(On Friday, the House of Lords (Peerage Nominations) Bill [Lords], a private Member’s bill introduced by Lord Norton of Louth, was given a second reading in the Lords. It is never going to become law, but…)

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