Annual Quiz 2022

As in previous years, we have compiled a quiz concerning events in law and religion during the last 12 months or so, many of which have featured in our posts. Answers will be published on Monday, 2 January 2023.

1. Why in December 2021 was it necessary for Amazon to update the advice given by its Alexa voice assistant?

2. Following changes to social distancing provisions in Wales, it was legal for only 50 fans to attend a Welsh rugby match outside, but 140 people watched it indoors from the clubhouse on Boxing Day. True or False?

3. Which light links Latin scholars with Harry Potter?

4. What is the connection between a newspaper column, an Oxfordshire brewery and intelligent design? 

5. In January 2022, what institution ceased to regard itself as “No 1”?

6. Ceci n’est pas un “Boxing Day Quiz”?  Expand

7. What have Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, George B Shaw, and William B Yeats in common?

8. Name a church, featured in an early post of 2022, which over its history: has transferred from the Diocese of Lichfield to the Diocese of Southwell, then to the Diocese of Derby and finally to the Diocese of Sheffield. This last move means the church has been transferred from the Province of Canterbury to the Province of York. [It’s been transferred at each move: Lichfield is in Canterbury, Southwell in York, Derby in Canterbury and Sheffield in York].

9. What is the correct style for the Bishop of Meath and Kildare?

10. What was unusual about Holy Week in 2022?

11. New city status was conferred on eight towns to mark the Platinum Jubilee. Many wrongly assumed that this would result in the creation of additional cathedrals in the four towns currently without one. Which towns already had a cathedral?

12. Link: Andrea Jenkyns, Baroness Trumpington, and John Prescott. But in what aspect was Andrea Jenkyns different?

13. What links Jaswat Singh Chail, William Joyce a.k.a Lord Haw-Haw, and Marcus Sarjeant?

14. The longest word ever recorded in Hansard had how many letters? 18, 24 or 29?

15. How long does each Lords Hansard reporter spend in the chamber before returning to their office to transcribe? 5-10 minutes; 1 hour; or 45 minutes?

16. The online Hansard archive contains how many words? 3.5 million; 4 billion; or 25 million?

17. Reporting what was said in the UK Parliament was banned until when? Late 16th century; Mid 15th century; Early 19th century?

18. Where in UK legislation can one find a “definition” of the Church of England?

19. What links King Charles III, Sir John Betjeman, and Philip Larkin?

20. Attempting to get into the Christmas spirit, the official Royal Mint Twitter account posted a photo of one of its new coins and tweeted: “You’ve heard of elf on the shelf. Now get ready for…”???,

21. Who wrote:

An affectionate letter from a bishop must surely be the most disagreeable missive which a parish clergyman can receive. Affection from one man to another is not natural in letters. A bishop never writes affectionately unless he means to reprove severely.

22. The Dominican Order has long been referred to as “The Hounds of the Lord” – DominicanusDomini canes – with which other animal have they also been associated? 

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