On passing 1000 subscribers

Earlier in the month, we passed the total of 1,000 subscribers. Even assuming that ten per cent of them are pornbots, that means that quite a lot of people out there are interested in our musings on law and religion.

While running a blog inevitably has its costs, they aren’t huge and, as we state on our welcome page, we write it because we’re passionate about our subject (and, as we get older, it helps to stop our brains atrophying).

So – unlike some legal resources out there – L&RUK is free to access and we aim to keep it that way.

However: if you find the blog useful, would you consider making a donation to The Billable Hour? It’s the lawyers’ charity that raises money for Save the Children – and even a mere £5 from each of you would make a difference.

Come on, dear readers – you know it makes sense.

Frank & David