The Coronation: Materials and Commentaries

The Coronation


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4 thoughts on “The Coronation: Materials and Commentaries

  1. King took the idea of box or shrine for the Anointing from Shinto enthronement of Japanese Emperor which he attended which increases his isolation or separateness at time of anointing compared to relatively open golden canopy under which late Queen was anointed
    of course TV cameras cut away in 1953 for both anointing & communion I expect they will show communion of King & Queen this time ?

  2. some have speculated whether the “renunciation of divine status” by Hirohito immediately after end of War was in fact valid as done under duress of occupying power in person of General MacArthur
    either way Shinto ceremonies *remained
    maybe “renunciation” was made with mental reservation
    not subsequently commented upon ?

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