Law and religion round-up – 14th May

And in the week when the Government announced that it was dropping the “sunset clause” from the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill …

… Is it goodbye to the Bill of Rights Bill?

On Monday, The Times reported that the Bill of Rights Bill is to be dropped and that the Ministry of Justice had told its reporters that the new Justice Secretary, Alex Chalk, had been “looking carefully” (and, presumably, critically) at the Bill:

“A government source said: ‘Dom’s departure sounded the death knell for the bill of rights. It won’t be coming back, or at least not in any form that resembles the current bill.’ Another government source described the bill as a ‘complete mess’ and said there was a ‘mountain’ of other legislation to get through parliament.”

Of altars

Further to our post They bury (and burn) altars, don’t they? which commented on the relative infrequency of consistory court judgments in this area, we subsequently received Re St Leonard Hythe [2023] ECC Can 2. Continue reading