How Government Should Not Do God

In a guest post, Professor Satvinder S Juss of the Dickson Poon Law School at King’s College London looks at the recent report on “Doing God” – and is not impressed.

Back in October 2019, the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson, appointed an Independent Faith Engagement Adviser, Mr Colin Bloom, to make recommendations to the Secretary of State for Communities, for Levelling Up Housing and Communities on faith engagement. The intention was to recognise the contribution of faith communities, ensuring fair treatment in public service, and in addressing harmful practices linked to faith.

The Bloom Review was published on 26 April 2023 and enterprisingly entitled Does government do God? An independent review into how government engages with faith. It consumed over 60,000 words, ran to 159 pages and had 22 recommendations.[1] Sadly, it is a blueprint for how Government should not do God. Continue reading