HS2 and the Church of England

Links to L&RUK posts on High Speed Rail 2 (HS2).

What has HS2 ever done for us? (5 October 2023.)

HS2 and the Necropolis Railway, (12 February 2013).

HS2 – discoveries at St Mary’s Old Church, Stoke Mandeville, (9 November 2021).

Re St Mary and the Holy Rood Donington [2020] ECC Lin 1.  Faculty granted for the creation of a grave in the east end of the north aisle of the Grade I church for the reburial of the remains of Captain Matthew Flinders, “the famous navigator and cartographer”, and the installation of a new ledger stone above the grave

Captain Flinders navigates the law of burial, The third of an irregular trio of posts* on Captain Flinders, (1 June 2020).

Exhumation and reburial of Captain Matthew Flinders, Review of the secular and ecclesiastical legislation involved in the exhumation of Captain Flinders’ remains, discovered during the archaeological investigation at Euston Station, London, and their reburial in rural Lincolnshire, (28 October 2019).*

Exhumation by the “nominated undertaker”, (19 October 2019)*.

HS2: Exhumation of remains from St James’s Gardens, Camden, Non-response to PQ from Lord Framlingham on one of his written questions on HS2, HL972, (30 July 2017).

Lobbying the Lords on HS2, An evidence session of the High Speed Rail Committee on 7 September 2016, (26 September 2016).

Religion and law round-up – 19th July, HS2 within portfolio of new Minister for Faith and Integration, Baroness [Susan] Williams of Trafford, (19 July 2015).

Publication of Prince Charles’ “Black Spider Memos”, In January 2015, the Transport Secretary prevented the disclosure of a report and associated environmental information on HS2, (13 May 2015).

The Church of England and HS2, The Telegraph reported that the Church of England had “announced its opposition to the Government’s HS2 proposals”. In fact, as we tried to explain hereit had done no such thing…(8 June 2014).

HS2, burial grounds, the Church of England (and hybrid bills), The Archbishops’ Council has petitioned against the High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill currently before Parliament because the proposed route for HS2 will pass through three burial grounds at Euston, Stoke Mandeville and Birmingham and the Council is concerned that the human remains exhumed will not be “treated in a decent and reverent manner”, (2 June 2014).

HS2, Burial Grounds, (& Richard III), (25 April 2014).

Charities, religious groups and pre-election lobbying, The Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014 c.4 which received Royal Assent on 30 January 2014, inter alia amends the provisions within Part VI of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 on the controls relating to third party national election campaigns, placing additional constraints “non-party campaigning” in the run-up to future elections and referendums, (14 April 2014).

More on the Transparency of Lobbying (etc) Bill, (6 September 2013).

Churches, charities and lobbying, The Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill was presented to Parliament on 17 July 201, (29 August 2013).

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