Law and religion round-up – 7th August

Lambeth approval for “Chuntering from a sedentary position”…

…but did the collegial approbation of the Archbishop’s speech feel like gaslighting, as some have indicated? As Francis Urquhart would have said, “They might very well think that; We couldn’t possibly comment”.

Anglican Communion

Until recently, issues concerning the Anglican Communion and the Lambeth Conference did not feature in our most read posts. Following the significant interest generated by the post by Professor Mark Hill QC, Principles of Canon Law and the Mind of the Anglican Communion, we have been following events at the Lambeth Conference with renewed interest. Updates of events relevant to legal issues are now covered in the Lambeth Conference 2022, a sub-heading of the Anglican Communion in our main Index. Links to earlier posts on the Anglican Communion (currently from March 2017) have been added as a new sub-heading. Further updating is in progress although it should be noted that inclusion does not equate to endorsement f the views expressed – only the legal issue in question.

On Friday, the second edition of The Principles of Canon Law Common to the Churches of the Anglican Communion, published by The Anglican Consultative Council, was launched at the Lambeth Conference. As well as the online pdf, it is available in hard copy. Continue reading