Law and religion round-up – 5th June

Highlights of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations…

… included not referring to Platty Jubesnot coming in early on the Vivats in I Was Glad (unlike at its first performance at the 1902 Coronation), not reading through the 133 pages of instructions on the construction and use of Jubilee beacons and, for some, singing Long live our noble Duke as the second line of the Lancashire version of the National Anthem. Wealands Bell@WealandsBell tweeted:

“Whoever thinks that the PM’s reading was chosen specially for him doesn’t understand the tectonic power of set lections chosen well in advance of an occasion, guided by precedent and (here’s the rub) all the more eloquent because of the unpredictable pairing of reader and read.”

COVID-19: Wales

The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 5) (Wales) Regulations 2020 expired at midnight on 31 May. Continue reading