Law and religion round-up – 27th November

it is a curious feature … to retain two people on the team sheet who will not play any part in the match

Lord Pannick, Lords Hansard

A topical analogy between the Counsellors of State Bill [HL] and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, neither of which is a major theme for L&RUK, but…

... Lessons learned from The Forsyte Saga?

Some readers will recall the television serial The Forsyte Saga, first broadcast in 1967 and repeated on Sunday evenings on BBC1, with 18 million tuning in for the final episode in 1969. It is often recalled that clergymen complained that the Sunday night repeats were driving away worshippers at Evensong. However on 18 December, given the kick-off time of 3 pm, the only impact on a 6 pm Evensong/Carol Service will be on choristers rehearsing for the service. Suggestions on the Church Support Hub for Making the most of the Word Cup Final 18t December 2022 for changing the time of the service or to “[avoid] that day altogether and host a carol service on Saturday 17th instead” have not met with universal approval.

The proposed Scottish independence referendum

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court handed down judgment in REFERENCE by the Lord Advocate of devolution issues under paragraph 34 of Schedule 6 to the Scotland Act 1998 [2022] UKSC 31. Continue reading