Law and religion round-up – 10th July

And in other news…

Forstater rehearing

On Wednesday, after rehearing her claim the ET part of Ms Maya Forstater’s complaint in relation to her belief that “biological sex is real, important, immutable and not to be conflated with gender identity”. In Ms M Forstater v CGD Europe & Ors [2022] UKET 2200909/2019, it held that CGD’s decision not to offer Ms Forstater an employment contract and not to renew her unpaid visiting fellowship role in March 2019 had been direct discrimination related to her “gender-critical” beliefs, while her complaint that she had been victimised after being removed from a company website was “well-founded”. The other parts of her claim were dismissed.

We hope to post a full note on the case later in the week.

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