Law and religion round-up – 27th February

Lifting COVID-19 restrictions

On Monday, Boris Johnson announced the ending of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions in England and the Government published COVID-19 response: living with COVID-19. On Tuesday, the Scottish Government published COVID 19 Scotland’s Strategic Framework Update February 2022 and Nicola Sturgeon set out an indicative timescale for lifting the remaining legal protections in Scotland.

The Northern Ireland Executive (which is having its own internal difficulties) was much more cautious. The Health Minister stated that, though the Department of Health will carefully consider the UK Government’s plan for England and its implications, no decisions had been taken on any changes to Test and Trace in Northern Ireland.

We understand from Gethin Rhys that the Welsh Government intends to make an announcement about its future policy on COVID-19 on 4 March. It has, however, been announced that from tomorrow, 28 February, it will no longer be obligatory in Wales to wear face-coverings except in shops, health and care settings and on public transport. It will continue, however, to be a legal requirement to prepare, record and implement a risk assessment for all activities, and if that risk assessment concludes that wearing a face-covering is necessary, those attending can still be required to do so.

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