Disputed altar frontal: St Nicholas Leicester


On 28 January 2023[*], the Deputy Chancellor handed down Re St. Nicholas Leicester [2023] ECC Lei 1, an initial determination of a petition for the introduction of a new altar frontal. Two potential designs, each incorporating a Progress Pride image, had been provided and the petitioners sought permission for the frontal to be displayed during Sunday worship and on Saturdays when the church is open to the public.

The Registry had received sixteen letters or emails in support of the petition and nine objections; two subsequent determinations were made[**] both of which addressed inter alia whether one of the objectors had “sufficient interest” in relation to rule 10.2 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015; an issue addressed in “Sufficient interest” in faculty petitions – II which has now been updated to include the further ruling on “sufficient interest” in the most recent judgment, below.

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